Monday, July 24

Nindie Preview: Sparkle 2

While I got to first know the folks at 10 Tons for their excellent roguelike shooter Neon Chrome they’ve also made games that are very different. To prove that out I give you Sparkle 2, a marble shooter (think an upgraded version of PopCap’s classic Zuma Deluxe to get a good base idea) that is among their best-selling titles.

Everything starts with a pretty lengthy Story Mode of sorts that will have you progress through increasingly-difficult levels as you collect keys to save the day. As you go you’ll unlock added that you can choose between to enhance your mable thrower in a variety of ways and you’ll also unlock additional modes like Challenge and Survival that will test your skills further.

While early on things are pretty simple for veterans of games like this, that isn’t to say that at some point you won’t be challenged. The additional colors you’ll need to manage, multiple tracks, and difficult angles will eventually begin to get the better of you but it’s all in good fun. Look for Sparkle 2 to further fill out the Switch line-up and add another great potential option for something to play as a fill-in for a satisfying quick few minutes of fun.

This preview is based on the PC version of the game but should be representative of the gameplay and features that should be included in the Switch version of the title. It is expected to be released later this year.