Monday, March 18

Review: Not Not - A Brain Buster [Nintendo Switch eShop]

As a former English major I’ll admit I’m a little amused just by the core hook in Not Not. Starting out with your character standing on a cube you’ll be instructed whether to move Up, Down, Right, or Left. To make it a little tougher you’ll only have a few moments to move, so if you have poor reaction times or don’t like the slow build of tension as you get closer to your goal number without a mistake it may not be a game for you. That’s because once you make a bit of progress and hone your simple direction-following skills to a razor’s edge the game then quickly begins to alter the rules on you, and it then gets sillier and more difficult from there.

It will begin with simple negations, changing out colors with directions, and even some or statements. However, it then gets into double negatives and more, forcing you to very quickly process what’s in front of you and trying to make as few mistakes as possible in order to progress. Of course if you have someone to play with locally this can add more pressure as you work to compete with one another but make no mistake, the game is as basic as it is cheap.

If you’re looking for something to amuse you for probably only a brief amount of time and would like something to quickly pick up and play on the go Not Not isn’t a bad option. I wouldn’t consider it likely to be something you’d want to play for prolonged sessions but as a filler it works nicely. Don’t expect the world, just something quick and challenging, and you should be happy with it, especially for its low-low price.

Score: 6.5

  • Great to play in quick bursts
  • Has a classic brain training kind of feel
  • If you can play with someone else it adds to the fun

  • Not likely suited to prolonged play sessions
  • Gameplay is very limited in scope
  • Won’t be something everyone will enjoy