Friday, April 12

Review: Back to Bed [Nintendo Switch eShop]

One of the genres the Switch has been blessed with a pretty nice variety of titles in has been puzzle games. Ranging from the traditional to sometimes the unorthodox, there’s a terrific spectrum of choices out there, and many of them are budget-friendly as well as a plus. Entering that arena we now have Back to Bed, which may have a more classic feel at its base but that manages to cleverly leverage some terrific and tricky art in its environments to help set it apart.

You’ll play the game as a creature named Subob, whose job is to try to keep the sleepwalking Bob alive in various surreal dreamscapes, with the end goal always getting him back to his bed. In terms of fundamentals there rules of engagement are actually quite simple, whenever Bob meets an obstacle he’ll turn to his right, and for the most part that covers the main concept you’ll need to keep in mind at all times. What helps to set the game apart are some of the crazy environments you’ll need to deal with getting him through safely.

In the end what will probably be the make or break proposition for Back to Bed is a combination of the budget price and how much you appreciate the surreal environments you’ll be solving the puzzles in. Remove the art and it would be a very ordinary puzzle game indeed, but there’s absolutely no doubt that the environment the game is set in helps make it unique and much more creative than it could have been. It’s a solid but somewhat generic puzzler mechanically but looks great and throws you some nice curveballs along the way for a reasonable price, it’s up to you to decide if that’s enough to tickle your fancy.

Score: 6.5

  • The art style, inspired by the likes of Dali and Escher, helps the game visually stand apart and makes some of the puzzles more interesting overall
  • A budget-friendly price

  • Mechanically the overall gameplay is pretty basic
  • Puzzle fans will likely burn through everything pretty quickly and may not feel sufficiently challenged along the way