Monday, April 1

Review: Croixleur Sigma [Nintendo Switch eShop]

One of the genres that has been exciting to see get a resurgence in the indie era is the classic beat-em-up / brawler. While it’s not a genre generally well-known for having a lot of depth we’ve seen some examples of titles that have added new ideas or at least heavily refined some existing ones to keep things fresh. Enter Croixleur Sigma, a title that’s got pretty good looks and some silly style that can be entertaining for a little while, but fails to have enough substance to remain interesting for long.

Playing through as one of eventually 4 (the last 3 need to be unlocked) different schoolgirl-esque heroines you’ll thrash and slash your way through circular arenas of enemies. It may take a little while to get the hang of fighting effectively but initially it will also take some effort to gain access to all of the game’s weapons, which you’ll need to be effective. You’ll only be able to choose 4 for your run so you’ll need to understand what each is capable of and how best to use them, and then pick ones that both compliment your style and also can be relied upon to help you deal with specific types of enemies and situations.

Though the ability to dress up your characters with accessories you’ll be able to purchase with coins you’ll collect as you fight can perhaps add a layer of amusement the game’s issue is simply that when it comes to gameplay it gets stale in a hurry. A new character with nuanced differences won’t change the never-ending circular arenas filled with enemies that quickly become all-too-familiar. If you enjoy grinding levels to unlock things and get some new gear Croixleur Sigma may manage to entertain but it just doesn’t have enough gas in the tank to take you very far if you expect more than a somewhat bare minimum of variety.

Score: 6

  • If you don’t mind the grinding there’s plenty to unlock
  • Accessories can dress up your characters and provide some mild stat boosts

  • Though initially the fighting can be fun it quickly becomes repetitive
  • After awhile constantly playing in a circular arena gets old