Monday, April 1

Review: OMG! Zombies [Nintendo Switch eShop]

When games come over from the mobile space it’s always hard to predict which ones will manage to feel fresh on the Switch. Some will have had some sort of value add thrown into the mix and others will simply be a straight port with little to no excitement to offer. While OMG! Zombies may offer a certain degree of amusement with its chain reaction of gore mechanics the repetitive and often random nature of its design make it ultimately little more than a novelty and not that much of a puzzle game.

The idea behind the game is pretty simple. Observe hordes of different types of zombies shambling around in an environment. Be sure to see which types you’re dealing with to understand what happens when one dies. Some will simply offer a small explosion, some bigger, some will run and then explode, some will fire a projectile of some kind… you get the idea. The goal is to plot out a sequence of events where you’ll destroy as many zombies as possible so you can advance, earn money, upgrade the lethality of certain zombie types or other elements you have to work with, and then repeat.

Initially it can be a bit of fun but honestly for me it wore off pretty quickly. The patterns ultimately end up being pretty random so at some point you just get bored and will shoot something randomly, hope for the best, and then either move on or let the stage restart. I suppose you could try to make it a game about precision and the best laid plans but there’s just not enough going on and when you involve projectiles you have so little control over what’s happening that there’s little point to trying to plan very much.

Ultimately, you either are in it for seeing zombies blowing up and dying in a variety of ways over and over, trying to kill as many as possible using only a few bullets, or you’ll be bored. The base stages pretty quickly repeat themselves leaving the differentiating factor to be different combinations of zombies. You can strategize all you like but ultimately what will get you the furthest are a few upgrades and some luck so you’ll complete a level with a high percentage which you can then use to purchase more upgrades and then rather, rinse and repeat.

Score: 5.5

  • Zombies splode real good in a variety of ways
  • As you upgrade stats on specific zombie types or gear you’ll improve, which will lead to more upgrades

  • Too much repetition and randomness
  • Ultimately calling it a puzzle game isn’t terribly accurate most of the time, it would be more accurately be considered a barely-controlled chaos simulator with tons of blood