Monday, April 29

Review: Panty Party [Nintendo Switch eShop]

In the history of covering games for Nintendo systems there’s never been a time quite like now. Among the many changes the Switch has heralded in, at least in terms of what I’ve been reviewing there have been some really crazy imported games to check out. In the case of this review, for Panty Party, while the assumption would be that this is another weird and pervy game that honestly make me a bit uncomfortable that misses the mark. Despite the name and even the somewhat suggestive artwork this is simply a very unusual game that’s both completely bizarre and at times laugh out loud funny, though it’s gameplay is sadly not quite as engaging as it’s overall weirdness.

Keeping it brief in order to not spoil the deep complexities of the plot you’ll be playing as a young woman whose love for all panties without bias has made her a “Warrior of Love” in a battle for to protect all of humanity. It seems that the evil Panzi is set on forming a panty army and turning all humans into panties by force somehow. Enlisted to fight against Panzi by Baka Panty, who has a cute little pink bow in the front, you’ll work stage by stage to defeat and then enlist a variety of other styles of undergarments to join your side.

Moving past that absolutely bonkers story beats there’s the core action, which is a somewhat odd mix of a 3D shooter and brawler depending on which pair you choose to work with. Baka Panty and some others have a mix of abilities, with 2 shooting attacks as well as a slashing combo. Some other pairs like the Sailor Panty are more shooting focused and lacking a melee attack. You’ll need to dodge, carefully use cover, be sure to destroy any washing machines that will slowly spawn new enemies, and wear down your enemies one by one. Each story stage will tend to have an objective to meet aside from just completing it, whether doing it without falls, within a specific amount of time, or some other variation in order to unlock new pairs that you can then play as, and hopefully you’ll find one to suit your specific style.

While the combat is different, and there are some different nuances to being successful with each pair, the weirdo story itself is the star of the show. You’ll also be able to play split-screen multiplayer against up to 3 friends, or peppering some bots into the mix as well. There additionally an Arcade mode which will just randomly throw different groups of enemies at you to defeat. Despite the very suggestive name and box art this isn’t so much a pervy title as a quirky and funny one. Whether or not you can live with someone seeing this on your billing statement or popping up on their screen as you boot it up may be the ultimate tricky question though.

Score: 6

  • If you were worried the game would be pervy, good news, it’s just very weird and has an unusual amount of discussion about butts at times
  • There’s absolutely nothing quite like it on the system
  • The combat has a surprising degree of variety between styles of panties, each with their own core attack style and specials

  • If you were hoping the game would be pervy, bad news, it’s just very weird and has an unusual amount of discussion about butts at times
  • While the gameplay is decent it’s also not likely to be satisfying for a very long time