Monday, April 1

Review: Warparty [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There was a time when with the likes of the Command and Conquer, Total Annihilation, and WarCraft/StarCraft made the RTS genre one of the industry’s biggest. While it enjoyed its time at the top the genre fell of pretty hard and while you’ll occasionally see titles pop up here and there it has simply never recovered. With an interest in trying to jumpstart the ailing RTS we now have Warparty, which made a pretty savvy decision to throw some dinosaurs, maniacs, and the undead into the mix for flavor. The result may harken back to those days, but it also doesn’t have too much more to say of substance and can feel a bit dated as well.

After a tutorial running you through the conceptual basics with the base Wildlander faction, sometimes not always making itself very clear as it is, you’re roughly left to figure much of the rest of the game’s nuances out through brute force trial and error in the single-player campaigns. At times this can be aggravating as you’re trying to grasp the best course of action while the AI is a bit all over the place in terms of strategy. Typically the path to success will involve effective use of your faction’s leader unit who you’ll need to keep protected but actively involved to get the best results. Well, that or simply trying to build up a sizeable number of units and trying to overwhelm with raw numbers.

As can be typical with this genre I have no doubt that when using a mouse and keyboard the controls would be a bit more intuitive and precise, though the game does make its attempts to make itself as friendly as it can. Still, the combination of control elements aren’t particularly intuitive at times, which can slow you down as you try to execute your plans, and that can create some frustrations as you try to put together a competent game plan for defeating your opponents. Throw in graphics that look a bit Vaseline-coated and the impression you walk away with isn’t entirely positive.

If you’re starved for classic RTS mechanics Warparty may be one of your few overall options on Switch but that still doesn’t make it an easy game to recommend. Generally falling into a trap of feeling a bit too generic, even with its dinosaurs and zombies, Warparty simply struggles to find its groove. It’s not a terrible experience, it can just be frustrating to see so many promising elements trapped in a title that doesn’t really live up to the promise of its potential.

Score: 6

  • Zombies and dinos and crazies, Oh my!
  • Scratches the classic RTS itch

  • While it may satisfy genre fans starving for a return to the classics the game has its issues
  • In many regards the promise and potential for the ideas are let down by weak overall fundamentals and a lack of fun