Sunday, December 31

Review: Guns, Gore and Cannoli [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The classic platforming shooter is a style that had its heyday back in the arcade days and the multiplayer variant was always a good way to lose some quarters (or dollars) with your friends. Very much in that vein Guns, Gore and Cannoli is here to deliver some shooting action complete with zombies, some wicked armaments, and challenging gameplay. Whether you play on your own or with some friends it’s not very complex but will give you a number of hours of enjoyment if that sort of action is what you’re seeking.

While you can change your character’s appearance by default you’ll be playing as Vinnie Cannoli, who’ll need to wade his way through the zombie-infested streets of Thugtown in order to complete his mafioso-based mission. As he gets closer to his destination a collection of various mobster types will also be in his way and that does a good job of lending variety to his attackers to keep you changing your weapons and your tactics. You’ll want to pay close attention to where you’re firing as there are many spots where people will be on slightly different levels and body shots don’t take down enemies as quickly as some headshots, which is a nice and appropriate touch.

The game truly has an impressive collection of weaponry, ranging from your more standard fare of pistols and shotguns to semi-automatics and the more incendiary varieties like an RPG. While there are opportunities to replenish your ammo you’ll still need to be a bit conservative with your more potent weapons to keep something in the tank for when meatier foes or groups of enemies are coming at you. Both ammo capacity and reload times also need to be taken into account as the up-close punch of a shotgun is great, but not for situations if you’re going to need more than a few shots to take your foes down.

That does lend itself to some of my issues with the game as I can understand slow reloads but for some weapons it is a tad on the sluggish side. One thing that made this feel a bit worse is that, overall, I found the control scheme a bit unintuitive. Even pretty deep into the game for some reason would struggle with which button performed what function, not a great thing when zombies are coming for you. An ability to either remap the buttons or provisions for alternative schemes would have been appreciated. There is an included Versus mode for friends to play with but, overall, I'd consider it a nice bolt-on but unlikely to occupy your attention for long overall.

For its few hours of playtime Guns, Gore and Cannoli delivers precisely what its title suggests, though not much more. It’s a bit more of a challenge taking it all on by yourself, and certainly with some friends the carnage can be more fun as a group experience. While its memory probably won’t linger with you for a long time it’s still a fun diversion if you’re looking for some arcade-style shooting action… and ZOMBIES!

Score: 7.5

  • A wide variety of weapons from standard to somewhat ridiculous
  • An odd assortment of zombie types and mafiosos alike will keep you on your toes and switching up the weapons best for taking them down
  • Challenging as a single-player experience, some great fun for a group of up to 4

  • Delivers what it promises but lacks any significant replay value
  • The control scheme gave me fits at times
  • The included Versus mode is a nice touch but not terribly inspired either

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