Saturday, December 16

Review: Pinball FX3 - Carnivals and Legends Pack [ Nintendo Switch eShop ]

Looking for a good starting point for enjoying Pinball FX3 but aren’t a big fan of the licensed offerings? You may want to check out the Carnivals and Legends Pack, since it offers a mix of table and play styles that should keep you engaged for a while. Whether you’re into tables with a ton of ramps, bells, and whistles or a more classic open style with features like a recessed mini-table it has something to offer.

Starting with the Adventure Land table you’ll be taking a trip to the theme park, and a quick look at the table reveals a multitude of places to send the ball to gain combos, trigger alternative modes, and challenge yourself with. Sending the ball up the middle to the ticket counter will trigger special scoring modes, but the way to lock your balls for multiball is a bit tricky for this one, as is the skill shot. Overall it is a table full of surprises and there’s a lot to uncover and master.

Son of Zeus, in general, has a more traditional open table design with less elements but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some interesting tricks up its sleeve. A classic target skill shot opens the action and from there you’ll be trying to trigger events based around trials pulled from mythology. Whether trying to battle a giant snake, taking out the heads of the Hydra, or taking on Medusa who has the power to turn your balls to stone it is full of creative surprises only possible in a virtual pin. The recessed Cerberus mini-table, in particular, I enjoy as a classic visual touch.

While neither table is licensed they’re both generally well-designed and very different from one another. On any given game you’re likely to only reveal a few elements available so repeated play and exploration of the features will typically continue to reveal new modes and opportunities. Overall it is an excellent pack that represents multiple features that are exclusive to the virtual Pinball FX3 space and a worthy download for pinball fans of almost any kind.

Score: 8.5

  • The two tables have very little overlap in their style and features
  • Multiple paths to multi-ball play
  • Some special effects that are impossible on a real table help emphasize what the Pinball FX3 engine is capable of

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