Friday, January 19

Review: Baseball Riot [Nintendo Switch eShop]

After releasing a steady stream of quality content, both shooters and casual games, Baseball Riot marks the point where the folks at 10 Tons have managed to move all of their backlogged titles to the Switch. While typically each of their releases has tended to be a bit more distinct, this one happens to be more of a quasi-sequel. Sharing almost every detail with the previously-released Tennis in the Face, this is another budget title that provides some fun physics-based gameplay to enjoy over a pretty significant number of levels.

The gameplay, for the most part, it simple at its base. You’ll be hitting baseballs in order to knock out a variety of enemies on the screen. These vary from weird fans to umpires and other baseball-related people of various kinds. Each enemy type typically has a special consideration you’ll need to take into account, and that will make them increasingly hard to knock out. Most typically the way to get around this is to have a great sense of aim and to work on ricocheting your shots off the walls/ceilings/floors to hit them. Once you’ve hit them all you’ll be done with the level but if you’re interested in chasing scores and bonuses you’ll also want to try to as many of the 3 stars on each level as you can as well. Manage to do it efficiently and you’ll get an additional bonus for each ball you save. In the end unless you’re simply out to challenge yourself there’s no need to try to get everything, at least not on the first pass, but with some time and creativity it can be amazing how many things you can knock out in one shot and that can be fun. Depending on the layout of the level and obstacles you’ll have additional opportunities and challenges but, for the most part, the essence of the game is aiming those shots using some creativity and a strong sense of geometry to plan where the ball should go.

If you’ve not played Tennis in the Face and this sounds like it could be fun for the most part the choice between the two would boil down to taste and theming preferences, they’re both fun and challenging, and most people wouldn’t likely notice many differences. That’s not to say they aren’t fun, they’re both great time-wasters when you’re just looking for a distraction for a little while. If you’ve generally enjoyed simple physics games on your mobile phone like Angry Bird and others it is certainly worth checking out.

Score: 7

  • With every new stage you reach a new enemy type is introduced
  • Levels vary from straight up ricochet action to almost Rube Goldberg style chain reactions
  • Well suited to quick pick-up-and-put-down play

  • Very much not a hardcore game, it’s intended for more casual fun
  • The core mechanics never evolve despite the fact that you need to apply them differently
  • From level to level the degree of difficulty can vary wildly at times

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