Saturday, January 13

Review: Energy Cycle [Nintendo Switch eShop]

At the low end of the eShop, in terms of price, the budget titles are a bit of an odd assortment of choices, but in general you can count on a fair portion of them being puzzle games of some sort. Typically requiring less assets and able to be compelling with just a great core rule set that’s well implemented this makes logical sense. Energy Cycle falls into that general category, giving you a variety of color-changing puzzles that you’ll need to carefully manipulate in order to make all of your blobs match.

Capable of being played with the joycon, but generally much easier using the touchscreen, when you activate a blob it will cycle through its colors. Any blob that’s in the immediate vicinity will also cycle their colors and this is where the nature of the puzzle game comes in. You’ll need to determine how to cycle each blob to the same color and because of there being multiple intersections this requires some planning.

Though there are 3 modes: Puzzle, Time Attack, and Infinite Play it’s all really variations on the same theme in terms of play. Puzzle screens are pre-set, Time Attack will just force you to try to keep ahead of the clock, and Infinite Play will just continue to create random scenarios for you. The effort behind all of this is pretty lean but the music is at least a little different and interesting and, for what it is, the game works as promised.

If you’re a fan of this style of gameplay since it has a very affordable asking price it may not be a bad match. Simply understand it is what it is, nothing less and nothing more. If this type of puzzle isn’t your thing it absolutely will do nothing to change your mind. It works, but it is a pretty dull affair all around… just at a budget price.

Score: 4

  • The music is a bit unexpected but different, which is at least refreshing
  • Though the gameplay is simple it is at least executed well
  • A budget-friendly price

  • Though it has 3 modes the basics don’t change, at the core it is all the same thing
  • While it hits its apparent target it is pretty dull overall
  • The menus and interface are a tad clunky

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