Wednesday, January 24

Review: Oh Sir... The Hollywood Roast [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Have you ever watched one of the celebrity roasts on Comedy Central and sort of wished you could participate and get some cracks in of your own? While Oh Sir… the Hollywood Roast won’t quite provide that opportunity it will allow you to sling some arrows at a fellow quasi-celebrity for some quick giggles. Coming out at the same time as the game that it’s based on, The Hollywood Roast is a shot at marginally improving on the basics of the original Insult Simulator while changing up the theming to keep it fresh and fun.

Taking the place of the somewhat more generic characters and settings offered up by its sibling, Hollywood Roast provides you with some almost celebrities as well as a few options based on popular movie characters. As before, the name of the game is trying to construct some silly but devastating insults to take out your opponent, whether another person or the CPU, before they manage to do the same to you. On a basic level you’ll need to be careful to construct a grammatically-correct barb, trying to extend it as far as you’re able to in order to score additional points. Of course if you’re not careful and your opponent is able to take the option that you were hoping to use yourself that could all backfire on you. You do have 2 choices reserved to only yourself, and you’re able to cycle them once per round, but since everything is pretty random you’ll have to be careful to plan things out if you want to devastate your opponent. One misstep is makes is the inclusion of a cultural caricature of a character that feels quite a while past its expiration date, but whether that’s a disqualifier or somewhere else on the scale would be a matter of taste.

The theming and phrases having a more entertainment-oriented vibe does differentiate the two games a bit and adds personality to the proceedings but there’s still no getting around that, like the original, this isn’t likely a long-term game. What’s great is that it is priced accordingly so if you keep your play sessions from getting too long and space out play a little bit you can probably keep it from feeling quite so repetitive longer. The fact that this is a pretty unique game experience also helps to add to the giggles and low price to make it worth considering for some budget-friendly entertainment.

Score: 6

  • The Hollywood vibe gives it a distinct feel
  • A surprising amount of strategy to be applied, especially against a friend

  • One particular character is a dated cultural caricature that is a bit grating
  • It doesn’t take too much time to feel as though you’ve exhausted the majority of phrases
  • If you’ll only be playing solo it has less to offer

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