Wednesday, January 24

Review: Oh Sir... The Insult Simulator [Nintendo Switch eShop]

While there are a wide variety of games and genres represented on the Switch, I can’t say to this point there’s been anything quite like Oh Sir… The Insult Simulator. Playing out with a combination of silliness and mild strategy it provides an experience unlike anything else out there. Match this up with the budget-friendly price and although it lacks substantial depth it should provide for a fine diversion if you’re looking for something a little different.

Very obviously inspired by classic Monty Python sketches, with one location being a pet shop complete with a deceased bird of a specific species and multiple insult elements inspired by the likes of the French Taunter from Holy Grail, the game has a very specific sense of humor. Whether against a friend or the CPU you’ll be tasked with stringing together a series of words and phrases to construct an insult to wound your opponent’s pride. Aside from the basic rules mostly revolving around using proper grammar and sentence structure there are also ways to reuse specific phrases to get combos bonuses, exploit your opponent’s weak spots to gain added style points, and a few other nuances as well. In particular since each player takes turns grabbing phrases there’s a bit of care and planning that you need to use in making your insult work while trying to potentially derail the one your opponent is cooking up.

While it doesn’t take too long before your choices begin to feel like repeats the highly affordable price tag makes it feel like a pretty square deal. Running about the same price as a movie rental an expectation of depth could be unfair, instead it is just a satisfying bite of fun for a while, especially if you have some friends who are game to join in on the experience. Prompting some giggles and demonstrating a bit more strategy than I initially gave it credit for it’s a very niche game that does a good job of providing a very different experience.

Score: 7

  • A game that’s "completely different" than anything you’ve likely played
  • A variety of characters and environments, including unlocks, provide for some humorous variations
  • A very budget-friendly price

  • Has a sense of humor that not everyone may appreciate
  • Probably best played in short bursts to help longevity
  • As a solo exercise it’s much more difficult to enjoy

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