Monday, February 26

Review: Twin Robots - Ultimate Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Platforming games on Nintendo systems are a staple and somewhat expected fare, though with such a rich history the genre can carry some high expectations. That said, there’s a case to be made for titles that aren’t quite as oppressively challenging as some of the more extreme fare the system has seen and that’s where something like Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition comes in. While not terribly challenging it is also far more co-op and even family friendly than most games on the system so if you’re looking for something that starts out a bit more basic and then slowly turns up the dial on difficulty it may be a good fit.

You’ll play the game alternating control between two robots, or sharing the screen and effort with a friend. In every level the first objective is to free your friend by finding the large red button in the level, and from there your primary goal is to find the exit and escape but most likely you’ll want to seek out the powered floor titles and then find the battery hidden in the level. The progression curve along all 40 of the game’s levels is relatively slow and steady, making it about as accessible a platformer as I’ve seen on the system, even if it is also a tad generic. Some effort to hide some secrets and fun can be found if you’re thorough and explore each nook and cranny and these add to the fun as well.

Overall the only gripe may be the somewhat sedated pace of everything, at least for an impatient and twitchy gamer like myself. It’s fine, just sometimes when you’re waiting for an elevator it can feel like it takes an eternity. I’d say that as much effort was put into your power gauge, which you can share with your counterpart when they’re low on energy, it seems unusual that most of the obstacles tend to be insta-death. None of the levels are so long that this is a major issue, just in some cases these incidents feel as though they should have been survivable. The only other element that feels a bit off is the controls which can feel a little muddy at times, though thankfully for the most part pixel precision isn’t necessary for beating the game’s puzzles.

Overall Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition is a well-made platformer that could easily serve as an introduction to the genre. Whether playing with a friend or by yourself the relatively gentle slope of challenge does end up hitting its stride, getting a bit harder as you get to the end, but it does take a while if you’re a platforming veteran before pulling out some more challenging scenarios. The result isn’t a thrilling game but that one should work well for the proper audience.

Score: 7

  • Supports local co-op
  • Has a relatively slow and progressive difficulty curve
  • Some fun secrets for those who like to explore

  • Probably too slow to get rolling for veterans
  • Controls can feel a little floaty in some situations

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