Saturday, March 17

Review: BINGO [Nintendo Switch eShop]

With all of these newfangled games coming out to Switch the thing that has been missing is something classic, something timeless… a game that has withstood the test of time! If you weren’t thinking BINGO I don’t know what’s wrong with you! Why wait to go out to the parlor when you can sit back and enjoy the thrill of the game from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have up to 3 friends over or decide to go it alone you’ll now, for a modest investment, be able to play 4 variations of this classic any time you like.

Of course there’s the classic mode, where everyone has a card and can take a reasonable amount of time to identify whether or not they have the number that has been called on their card. With some quick moves on the JoyCon you just need to select the number, hit the button, and you’re dialed in. If you’re feeling like everyone in the room is a bit more on edge and wants to liven up the game switch over to Buzzer BINGO where it’s a race to buzz in when the number is called, whoever buzzes first gets the spot. Of course if you buzz for a number you don’t have you’ll take a penalty. Slide BINGO shifts over to more of a strategic feel with each player having one turn to shift one row or column over, and each round a new spot is filled. Will you play offense and try to get your line or will you focus on keeping someone else from getting theirs first? Finally, there’s BINGO Poker where each player will draw numbers, looking to complete their line. You can each grab up to 3 of your opponent’s discards but to do so you’ll need to decide which space you’re going to give up.

Let’s be clear, folks, no matter whether this is electronic, has multiple modes, or supports 1 - 4 players either you, or someone in your family, really wants to be able to play BINGO at any time or you don’t. Put different modes against it, in the end it is still the same core game that perhaps anyone at all can play but after a few rounds can get a bit difficult to really enjoy. While I can appreciate the novelty of it all, and in theory it could be nice to have on the go, since all 4 cards are on the same screen in handheld mode it really isn’t practical to play. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with the implementation nothing is going to give the game longevity except for people who somehow can’t get enough of it.

Score: 4

  • If you truly love BINGO perhaps this will make you happy
  • Throwing 4 modes into the mix lends some variety but at its core it is still the same somewhat dull game

  • No number of alternative modes can redeem the game if you don’t already love BINGO
  • Due to the number of spaces on a BINGO card and the fact that all 4 cards need to be on-screen at once it is impractical to play in handheld mode