Thursday, March 1

Review: Little Triangle [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The 2D platforming space, in recent years, seems to have become somewhat split down the middle between more traditional fare in the form of Mario and his ilk and then more hardcore challenges like Super Meat Boy. For the most part it doesn’t usually feel as if there’s much of a middle ground, you’re either exploring with a lighter and more whimsical feel or you’re going in for the pain and punishment. Little Triangle really does feel like something that’s somewhere in the middle, with a light and refreshing feel but with more than enough hidden areas, enemy variations, and secrets to let you punish yourself as much as you can stand.

The action in the game is very basic at a fundamental level, you only have the ability to double jump. That said, in practice you’ll need to eke out every ounce of nuance you can with that move because within a few levels you’ll find there seems to be no end of variety in the gauntlet of challenges put in front of you. Whether it’s blades, lasers, spiked balls, lava, or any number of other environmental obstacles you’ll need to work your timing very carefully to avoid taking hits. Adding to your trouble are loads of enemies of all sorts, making you work hard just to make it to the end of the level, let alone trying to find secrets and grab everything you can along the way. Throw in a few bosses that will make you work hard to bring them down and it’s a party!

When I said there are secrets to be found here I’m not positive the mere statement can adequately convey the scale of what is hidden in a typical level. While you’ll start out feeling like you’ve got it under control and are finding everything just give it time and you’ll suddenly complete a level and see that you missed half or more that was out there. Hidden entrances are just about everywhere and getting them all will take a significant commitment. As an added bonus there are even a few arcade games you can find that are generally just variations on a theme but present their own brutal challenge for you to try to conquer.

This is all simply describing the basic game while in mere Casual mode. If having a few hearts to help you get between checkpoints simply sounds too easy for you feel free to try the Hardcore mode instead, where it’ll be all one-hit kills sending you back to your last checkpoint. Feel like you could use some help? Good news, local co-op multiplayer is also supported. If, after beating some levels, you feel like beating each other up you can also go for the local battle mode that supports up to 4 people and features an open map with weapons everywhere to knock each other out with. There’s also a boss challenge mode where you can simply skip to the tough stuff. All said the game simply has a load of content.

Having never heard of Little Triangle to this point I was a bit surprised at how challenging and deep it is. With very solid platforming mechanics, some challenging level designs, secrets practically everywhere you look, and some very challenging boss fights it is has a substantial amount of content for its price of admission. If you’re an old-school 2D platforming fan you owe it to yourself to give it a spin.

Score: 8

  • A limited moveset that the game demands that you master
  • More hidden than you can shake a stick at
  • Opportunities to scale the level of challenge to your liking

  • May still be pushing too far towards hard for some gamers
  • Though there’s a multiplayer Battle Mode it really is only an afterthought

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