Thursday, April 12

Review: Burly Men At Sea [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Coming over from the mobile space we’ve seen a variety of game arrive on the Switch. Some have been more action-oriented, usually benefiting from the move over to the console’s physical controls. Others have been puzzle titles that make use of the touchscreen to excellent effect. The last type we’ve seen is the category Burly Men At Sea falls into, and that’s a somewhat interactive narrative experience.

The challenge in reviewing a game like this is that to give away too much about it will cut into the experience of discovery, and in this case that is a bit chunk of the game’s magic. Playing through a given “run” of the game only takes maybe 15 - 20 minutes and consists of some mild action or puzzle that you can use either the touchscreen (preferred) or the JoyCon to control. There are usually a few opportunities to make a choice as well along the way.

It is these choices that will then contribute to a sort of path that you ultimately end up taking and what happens, then creating the hook for you to return and play through things differently, creating a different story in the process. The result is very light on gameplay but the art and the interactions still give the game a simple charm that is relaxing and great to just veg out with and enjoy.

Burly Men At Sea isn’t something that’s going to light the eShop on fire or likely excite people, it’s selling an experience far more than anything else. That said I could see it being a hit with the right audience, and yet another casual-friendly option on the system to help widen the console’s appeal. If you’re looking for a change of pace and something that you can simply enjoy exploring all of the variations in story with it’s not a bad pick up.

Score: 6


  • Many charming story variations
  • Amusing and simple sound effects
  • Easy to relax with


  • Extremely light on gameplay
  • Inherently somewhat repetitive
  • Available in the mobile space as well