Saturday, April 21

Review: It's Spring Again [Nintendo Switch eShop]

While there have been games on the Switch that have skewed to being friendly to younger gamers to this point I can’t say I’ve seen anything targeted at toddlers or even babies. Give that the Switch includes a touchscreen it is a somewhat natural fit for games at this level as interaction is pretty basic and doesn’t require much manual dexterity. Looking to fill this void is the somewhat storybook experience of It’s Spring Again, which is ultimately very brief but given its objective this probably isn’t a major concern.

With the voice of a pleasant and soothing female narrator and featuring bright and friendly artwork It’s Spring again roughly tells a story of the seasons. Starting with Spring you’ll begin the game by moving the clouds away to find the sun. As you work your way through each season these pretty simple interactions, usually prompted by dialogue by the narrator, help what story there is advance and for limited action to occur. Flowers will bloom, rain will fall, snow will blanket the trees and the ground. Given the simple nature of things, and the very minimal content, it’s great that an Autoplay feature was included as well, allowing it to act more as a storybook and requiring no interaction.

While it isn’t a game experience that anyone without very young children would likely have an interest in I could see where this could be worthwhile for a parent looking for something simple to entertain their toddler. The soothing voice of the narrator and the slow pacing of it all make it very friendly and non-threatening and the mix of actions you’d trigger by tapping versus swiping and making simple identifications between the sun, the trees, and other basic objects could be simple mental exercises to someone at the right age. This was definitely a surprise, but I think it’s another sign of the Switch broadening its market little by little to be as inclusive a system as possible.

Score: 6

  • Can be interacted with or act as a digital storybook
  • The female narrator’s voice is soothing and pleasant
  • The colors are bright
  • Interactions vary between taps and swipes

  • The experience is extremely brief
  • Targeted purely at parents of toddlers and babies