Friday, April 13

Review: Word Search by POWGI

While the Switch continues to accumulate an impressive number of games that establish its credentials with the hardcore audience it’s also slowly amassing an impressive variety of titles that should appeal to people looking for something a bit more casual. While puzzle games have seemed to be a natural fit to go with the touchscreen being available, and there have been a variety that have come over, to this point there hasn’t been a game for Word Search fans out there. With the release of Word Search by POWGI that has changed.

While I played it quite a bit myself I actually handed this off to my wife for the ultimate test as this sort of thing is something that she’s played before on her phone. While she was very happy with how responsive it was, the touchscreen works perfectly, the surprising detail she noted against other word search games she has played is that this included words that are backwards, even diagonally, which apparently isn’t common. That detail aside the 300+ puzzles available are presented well, if not a bit blandly, with an extremely clean and crisp look and colorful highlights.

What may or may not add appeal, depending on both availability and your preference, is that this game can be played with other people. Whether on the same Switch, over local wireless, or even online you can compete against friends, family, or strangers… seeing who find the most words first. Trying it out against my wife I was roundly defeated, while we both used the JoyCon for control, a few times before I gave in. I attempted to connect for an online match a few times but was never able to connect to someone. While this could be a fun feature since it is dependent both on how widely the game is purchased and then the timing when people may be looking to hook up. Given the overall simplicity of things I’d imagine this would play well, but availability would likely be a challenge so I’d consider the online play feature merely a “nice to have”.

All said Word Search by POWGI delivers precisely what it promises: A word search experience that is well-implemented and looks a bit plain but is also very clean. If you think the idea of competing against someone you’ll most likely end up doing this locally, and aside from the JoyCon control being a little more cumbersome than using the touchscreen this works just fine. Of course, I would imagine the appeal for this may be a bit narrow but in particular for more casual parents who are looking for a game they can enjoy on the family Switch this may be a good candidate.

Score: 6

  • Very clean and has over 300 puzzles
  • Multiplayer is viable and can be fun

  • Likely has narrow appeal
  • Online multiplayer is nice but availability of opponents may be sketchy