Tuesday, August 14

Review: Crush Your Enemies [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Real-time strategy is always a genre I’ve associated more with the PC crowd, aided greatly by the precision of a mouse, but that’s not to say there haven’t been some successes in moving the genre to consoles. Perhaps most greatly aided by the Switch’s inclusion of a touchscreen, strategy titles that keep things relatively simple can work out well on the console. One such case is the somewhat silly Crush Your Enemies, which attempts to spice up its relatively straightforward play with a massive dose of locker room humor and inappropriateness.

For the most part the concepts here are simple: Take your humble troops, claim territory, multiply their numbers, utilize opportunities to upgrade them to better units whenever possible, and overwhelm your enemy. Of course the game will throw a variety of scenarios at you in order to make this a challenge, including often putting you at a disadvantage in terms of numbers and resources, but clever vikings will work through these trials with some smarts and copious use of beer as a motivator when needed.

Probably the most notable thing in the game, aside from the strategic combat, is its humor which is likely to either make or break the experience for most people. Perhaps appropriately with its brusque and manly viking cast it frequently “goes there” in a variety of ways, and this will likely have the right crowd howling with laughs. If you pride yourself on being politically correct in almost any way it instead could really quickly drag it down though unless you can appreciate the intent and enjoy it for its unrestrained qualities.

The result is a satisfying, though perhaps ordinary, strategy game wrapped up in a layer of humor clearly out to make the experience more memorable through sheer force. If going low isn’t something you’re offended by this can all work out well but more sensitive souls could likely find it off-putting instead. Considering the limited number of games in this style on the Switch it at least boldly manages to plant its flag and demand your attention.

Score: 7.5

  • Generally satisfying strategic play in an under-represented genre on the system
  • If you enjoy your humor being blunt and inappropriate it absolutely delivers
  • Works well on the Switch touchscreen

  • While well-implemented the gameplay is mostly generic for the genre
  • Due to the base nature of the humor the game won’t be for everyone
  • Some levels are abruptly challenging