Saturday, August 4

Review: Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2 [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Ahh, sometimes there’s nothing quite as satisfying as loading up a game, equipping your weapon of choice, and smashing some heads in with either a bullet or a blunt instrument. That visceral kind of excitement and violence is absolutely what powers the experience in Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2. This follow-up sequel sticks to the mold established by the first in the series, picking up where it left off and offering more of the same bloody fun, but this time with improved flow, full 360 degree aiming, and quite a bit more variety.

There’s not a lot to know, this is straight-up side-scrolling shooting action that is fluid, often challenging, and fun whether playing by yourself or with some friends (including online if you can meet up). Certainly this is a situation where it’s the more the merrier, and progression even on the tougher difficulty levels is easier when you’ve got someone else to cover your back. Your targets will initially be members of the mob and police officers but once you get to the meat of the game you’ll be facing an array of zombies and some soldiers as well. Your armament gets to be pretty impressive over the course of the game, including everything from a lowly bat or chainsaw, through a variety of guns, and all the way up to the fun of flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

Ammo conservation isn’t terribly necessary on the lower levels but judicious use of your most powerful weapons gets to be more crucial when you get above the Normal difficulty. You’re able to quickly switch between weapons using either a button to cycle through each or by bringing up a quick scroll wheel. As different enemies and situations require different tactics you’ll be swapping out quite a lot, but perhaps even more crucially keeping a keen eye out for explosive barrels or things like air conditioning units or chandeliers you can make fall on enemies can save you a considerable amount of trouble and ammo.

In terms of limits, aside from the style or level of violence not being everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps the biggest is that if you’re determined and have decent skills clearing the Campaign on Normal will only take you a handful of hours. Granted, you can then try on 2 even tougher skill levels or play through the Campaign with friends for more intense fun but much like the old arcade experiences that inspired it the joy of seeing the craziness for the first time is what drives most of the fun.

All in all this sequel has taken everything about the original game and worked to make it better. In particular the feeling of total control and the fluidity of your character is a step up and creates moments of greater intensity that you’re able to pull through. I feel like the design of the stages and how they flow has also diversified quite a bit, and there are opportunities to make use of the environment practically everywhere, allowing you to play a bit smarter and smashing your enemies with an object above them is plain fun. If you’re a fan of running and gunning it’s very much worth checking out!

Score: 8.5

  • Loads of bloody violence and fun
  • Character movement and aim are pretty well perfect
  • Particularly great if you’re able to get together with friends locally or online

  • The fun only lasts for so long, though the campaign is a satisfying length
  • While improved over the original it doesn’t deviate from its action a great deal