Friday, August 10

Review: Minit [Nintendo Switch eShop]

How many people do you figure love the classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask? The feeling of urgency the imminent destruction of Termina gave you was a great motivator and somewhat changed up the traditional nature of play in the series. Now, imagine that you took that sense of urgency and compressed it down to a mere 60 seconds. If that thought intrigues you then Minit may be worth checking out, offering up a similar change of perspective on top-down action adventuring by constraining you to doing things a minute at a time.

Going with visuals that are very simple and reminiscent of the likes of Undertale (another indie darling), pretty well the first thing your cute and somewhat Q-Bert-looking dude will do is pick up a sword. Unfortunately, it turns out this curses him to die every 60 seconds. Determined to stop anyone else from sharing this fate you’ll set out to stop the factory from producing any more of these. What follows is a mix of puzzle game and adventure, challenging you to venture out, see things, talk to people, and try to determine what you need to do to progress, only time’s not on your side. Thankfully your progress is cumulative, and as you complete certain puzzles you will progress by effectively changing your spawn point to new locales with new things to encounter and figure out. This really is the essence of the game over its relatively short, though satisfying, runtime.

Discovery is really the driving force and fun in the game as you try to initially see everything around you and then race against the limited clock to make something meaningful happen in each run. The adventure it holds is an unusual mix of the familiar, but with some twists in places that can toy with your expectations and add nicely to the fun. Throw in an added Game+ mode that cranks things up another level and it ends up being a refreshingly different and satisfying package for people who thought they’ve seen everything action adventures have to offer.

Score: 8

  • With its short-run format it is highly suited to gaming on the go
  • A refreshing take on the action adventure genre, often playing with your expectations

  • Not a terribly long experience
  • If you manage to miss a detail and get stuck it can be aggravating