Saturday, September 1

Review: de Blob 2 [Nintendo Switch eShop]

I’d missed out on the initial release of de Blob and when I got to play it when it was released on the Switch I was seriously upset I’d missed out on it for so long. The colorful platforming action that was generally simple, relaxing, and fun for all ages and skill levels really appealed to me and it felt like a great title to fill in the system’s line-up with something different. Now, with the sequel, the good news is that pretty much everything from the original is in place. The bad news, is that though that’s true it fails to do anything significant to alter the original formula and what little it has modified I can’t say is an improvement.

Just as with the original de Blob you’ll be playing as the title character, the determined savior of the drab and sad masses. For the most part the object of the game is simple: Color everything you see and stomp on anyone or anything that stands in your way. While this could seem to be enormously simple, and much of it is, there’s still quite a bit of room for technique to challenge yourself, whether it be wall riding or trying to get to tough to reach spots in order to grab every item in the massive maps. There is an element of danger as you can get inked, which will poison you and force you to get to water to cleanse yourself before you die, but for the most part this is an exploration-focused title.

I’d say the biggest difference I see in the sequel is that the massive levels of the original seem to be even bigger, and truthfully that’s a bit of a problem. As it was in the original the large levels could take a good hour to scour and get through, and the levels in the sequel consistently clock in a little higher than that. Given the portability of the Switch and the fun of its pick-up-and-play nature this is a bit of a downer since even though you can stop and put it to sleep trying to remember what you’d already done can be a chore. Your ability to go down in sewers that are hidden around town also contributes a little to this problem as unlike buildings which you can see are still not yet colored as you scan your surroundings those take a bit more effort to see.

Being honest I’d say you really only should need one de Blob game in your life, though if you truly love the original and wanted more it won’t disappoint as long as you set your expectations towards more of the same. If you’re interested in the title but haven’t played the original it’s really a bit of a toss up which would be better. Honestly I prefer the pacing and objectives of the first to the sequel so in that case I’d point towards the remastered original that’s no less attractive and I think paced better for the Switch. Still, de Blob 2 is no slouch and does a great job of providing a less complicated 3D platformer that’s fun for all ages on the system.

Score: 7.5

  • Fun and colorful platforming for all ages
  • Some variations in play and objectives keep it a bit fresh
  • Plenty of spaces to explore and discover collectibles in

  • Feels more like an extended version of the original than the sequel with mostly only subtle differences
  • The larger stages in the sequel take longer to complete on the whole, which I actually think is a downside in this case
  • Objectives in this sequel aren’t as plentiful, sometimes leaving you feeling like you’re running out of things to do and needing to hunt down what’s next yourself