Saturday, September 29

Review: Dungeon Rushers [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The sheer number of RPGs on the Switch has already been impressive and appears to just continue to grow. The challenge, then, is for RPG fans from casual to hardcore to size up the offerings out there and decide which ones are the best match for them. Dungeon Rushers is likely one that would fall onto the more casual end of the spectrum, and titles like it have their place for the right audience. If you’re looking for some relatively light fun, with a bit of grinding and then bits of humor blended here and there it’s at least a decent match.

Starting out solo as the adventurer Elian you’ll begin tackling dungeons and as you do so you’ll slowly begin building up a motley party of misfits to help you out. Each of them have a specific class with 3 associated skills that you’ll then be able to enhance and take in slightly different directions as you acquire skill points and begin assigning them to optional traits. For the most part combat is traditional turn-based fare where you’ll need to arrange your characters between the front and back rows with your more powerful characters up front dealing melee damage generally and your support towards the rear. Enemy characters will tend to be set up similarly and as you progress you may need to rearrange your placements from time to time to help get at their supports in the back row as quickly as possible.

While its presentation works well enough, and its in-between story elements and dialogue are mildly entertaining for the most part as a whole it does suffer from being a bit bland. Nothing is terribly inspired or creative, but I could see where the comfort of the familiar could also be a selling point to some people. Navigating the dungeons tends to be a bit slow and methodical, and in general you have a fair motivation to work to meet the 3 challenge objectives for each dungeon as that will unlock a tougher version you can complete for some added opportunities to level up and improve your party. Not everything to do with the interface is well-explained or intuitive so there can be a bit of a learning curve in places, but for the most part things work well enough to at least not be an obstacle.

As exciting the title itself may sound, Dungeon Rushers lacks a fast pace or even a great deal of excitement. It’s a pretty safe experience with a fair art style, a decent sense of humor, and satisfying though generic combat. Probably best for playing lazily while doing something else it may have an audience but there are simply better options on the platform than this.

Score: 6

  • Light turn-based combat that is familiar and decent
  • A bit of a sense of humor that at least makes the characters a bit more fun and interesting
  • The skill trees and a fair number of characters to work with do allow you quite a lot of options for how to compose your party

  • For the most part a very vanilla and safe overall experience
  • Not everything is well-explained and the interface can be cumbersome
  • Lacking a creative spark to make it stand out in the crowded eShop