Saturday, September 1

Review: Freedom Planet [Nintendo Switch eShop]

While the Sonic series has a lot of very dedicated fans I’ll come right out and say I’ve never been much of a fan. With its roots so focused on being fast in order to help sell the “blast processing” marketing behind the Genesis I always felt like I was missing cool stuff as I blew by the majority of its stages. That’s what makes me happy to report that in the case of Freedom Planet, a title obviously inspired by the classic Genesis Sonic series, I think the developers created a much more satisfying take on that core gameplay.

In the game you’ll have the option to play as the quite different Lilac, Carol, or eventually the unlockable Milla, each who have their own special skills and feel. To open you’ll have the option to enjoy the full-blown story for the game in Adventure mode or cut to the chase and just play through the levels themselves in Classic mode. I like the option to forgo the story, which is fine but not terribly interesting, but choices are a wonderful thing. After you’ve w
orked your way through levels you’ll then also have the option to return to them in Time Attack mode to see if you can improve your performance.

What I think the game gets absolutely right is the balanced combination of speed sections, more traditional platforming and exploration, and some great boss battles. Rather than simply being derivative the result feels more like the game I’d always wished Sonic could be. If you’re a big Sonic fan it’s absolutely worth checking out, and even if you’re not you may find it surprising.

Score: 8.5

  • What I’d consider to be a better take on the classic Sonic formula
  • Each character brings their own style, helping replayability
  • A satisfying mix of speed, platforming, and boss battles

  • The elements don’t always blend together cohesively
  • Boss battle difficulty can be inconsistent