Tuesday, September 11

Review: FullBlast [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Ahh, shooters and the Switch… they make such a lovely couple. Arcade shooters used to very much be a staple genre but in recent years had struggled for representation. However, the indie space seems more than happy to fill the void and there have been a number of notable titles on the system already. Falling into the middle of the pack, with a formula that’s more casual-friendly but makes room for being challenging, is FullBlast. While it’s a far cry from the top shooters on the system for its price it delivers a reasonably-good experience, especially if you find the normal shmups on the system a bit too challenging.

Rather than going the more common bullet hell route, FullBlast really does play out a bit more like a classic arcade title akin to the 1942 series or others. Waves of enemies will fly in following set patterns, firing at you, and you’ll need to dodge and weave while returning fire. Unlike the more rough and tumble fare on the system you’re able to sustain a number of hits in this title, something that’s a nice change of pace from the much tougher competition.

Power-ups are cumulative and will give you a fine incentive to stay alive since you lose it all and start from scratch when you die. Hitting a boss fight and realizing you’re trying to hit them with your initial pea shooter can be a bit discouraging, a dynamic that actually encourages you to either start from the beginning or a few levels back in the hopes you can be a bit powered up rather than going in cold to the level you last died in. Once you get to each of the game’s 12 levels you’ll always be able to start back up where you left off though so if you think you were really close and just need to gut it out a bit longer that’s always an option.

Though FullBlast is just a pretty middle-of-the-road title it’s not going to win any awards, and there are certainly multiple indie titles out there that are better in a variety of areas. That said, it isn’t as aggravating as some at the top and not as boring as many at the bottom so since it is also budget-friendly it is at least deserving of an audience. If you were hoping for a shooter with a slightly slower pace that is more forgiving FullBlast is a fine choice.

Score: 7

  • Not as tough as some of the top shooters, more exciting than the lesser ones
  • The level of challenge slowly increases over the 12 stages
  • A budget-friendly price

  • The pacing is likely a bit on the slow side for experienced shooter fans
  • It can all feel a bit generic in places
  • Would have liked more boss variety, it tends to repeat a bit… just tougher