Saturday, September 29

Review: Oh My Godheads - Party Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There’s certainly been a recent rush of party games on Switch, possibly as everyone tries to get their hat in the ring before Super Mario Party hits and likely dominates the space for a while. In a bit of a change, having gotten so accustomed to some sort of shooting action, we have Oh My Godheads, which has a mix of more brawl-y action as well as some varied objectives. While it has plenty of style, with quite a wide variety of arenas that each have their own flair, whether it delivers what you may be looking for in a party game with legs may not be so certain.

Starting with the basics the control fundamentals are pretty sound. You’re able to jump, dodge, tackle (which feels more like a dash, but whatever), throw, and slash and all of the mechanically feel pretty tight. That said, once you start to throw down with your enemies I’m not sure it makes for very high-minded play so much as frustrated button-mashing for the most part. The single-player-ish (you can play with a friend if you’d like) Trials are where you’ll cut your teeth, learning some fundamentals of play and getting a look at various environments. I wouldn’t consider it too much more than an extended tutorial as most of it isn’t particularly exciting, but it helps you understand some technique, and there are a couple worth being aware of. Possibly most critical is that you’ll be introduced to each of the godheads, which have a variety of effects on the action, whether reversing your directions, slowing things down, speeding things up, and a few more. Of course if you’re the only one to go through all of this and your friends haven’t it also puts them at quite a disadvantage.

Moving on to the multiplayer there are 4 modes: Capture the Head, King of the Head, Headhunters, and Last Man Standing. You’re able to play these with your friends, or if you’re short you can fill in the blanks with bots. These modes vary between being team focused or every person (or animal) for themselves, but while the moveset is well implemented it also isn’t very interesting, making the star the various stages, their traps, and then the odd effects of the heads themselves for the modes they’re included in. I’d imagine everyone will have heads they both love and hate to play with, though, so there can be some ups and downs of combinations that play out well and are interesting and those that are a bit aggravating or fall flat.

While Oh My Godheads is generally well-implemented, and the presentation is reasonably good, I also can’t say it made a very deep impression on myself or my family as we played through the modes and put it through its paces. While it had no glaring faults it also failed to generate much excitement or enthusiasm, though like any game it has its moments particularly early on when there were still some things we hadn’t seen yet. Once repetition set in it began to dull a bit. Just a very lukewarm takeaway in the end, it isn’t bad but it also didn’t thrill.

Score: 6

  • While you’re discovering the surprises it has in store with stages and the various heads
  • The mechanics of the controls and the presentation are quite good

  • The AI for the bots isn’t terribly good and is no replacement for other people
  • No compelling single-player content, everything is geared towards learning to play the game
  • Once repetition sets in the gameplay gets stale pretty quickly