Sunday, September 2

Review: Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors [Nintendo Switch eShop]

While it’s never been a heavily-represented genre on Nintendo systems I’m still a bit surprised that there have been very few gambling games to show up on the system yet. Trying to fill that void, and do so with a flair of tongue-in-cheek parody, is Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition - The Card Warriors which aims its sights on skewering and showing love to the plentiful variations of the classic Street Fighter II and its World Warrior stylings. While it may perhaps solicit a few giggles here and there though, unless you’re really in it to play some straight-up Blackjack endlessly this title really doesn’t have much in the way of legs.

I can understand the goal of infusing a relatively simple gambling game with some humor, Valve did a very respectable job of this with both Poker Night at the Inventory and its sequel on Steam. A big difference is that both of those titles took an unlikely collection of characters from very different series, and even pop culture, and put them at the table together to trade stories and verbal blows with one another as they played. By contrast, SBB2TE sticks to the formula of its inspiration, with each of its international Blackjack players simply throwing out a line between matches. This means you can appreciate the love they’re showing, but since there’s not much to see that all runs out in a hurry.

As for the gambling itself… it’s Blackjack, and the normal rules apply. Though the normal mode has you getting into a “fight” with a competitor the enemy is still really the Dealer, you win or lose the match based on your winnings at the end of 10 rounds. I wouldn’t say that the the AI is terribly good most of the time, or at least when it comes to thinking strategically. In more than one case when they had a pretty hefty lead they took some chances and ruined themselves, something I suppose that could happen in real life but that sort of thing tended to make success relatively easy to attain. If you somehow have a bunch of friends over who’d like to play a video game version of Blackjack instead of just the real thing that’s an option, though it doesn’t seem like a very likely one.

For the most part I’d consider this a novelty title whose biggest draw is its classic SF2-esque presentation. The thing is, it doesn’t take very long to burn out that being interesting, so unless you’re really looking for a one-game gambling title for the Switch there’s likely not much here to explore and enjoy. For serious Blackjack or Street Fighter II fans only, and perhaps even then only if you’re both.

Score: 5

  • A reasonably well implemented Blackjack game
  • There’s a novelty to the different characters and SF2 parody elements, though it wears off quickly

  • In the end there’s simply not much here to enjoy beyond some nice SF2-esque graphics and stage music unless Blackjack is truly your jam
  • For being a send-up of SF2 there’s not much bite to it, there probably could have been more shots taken to help amp it up a bit