Thursday, October 25

Review: Car Quest [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There’s no doubt that variety is the spice of life and in a diverse and rich gaming ecosystem there are going to be titles that simply aren’t fo you but someone may enjoy. That said, there are also titles that you struggle to conceive who they can really be for, whether so super-niche, poorly designed, or struggling to be fun. Somewhere in that space of “note quite sure who it’s for” there’s Car Quest, which may be reasonably attractive but that’s also controls too poorly and is too bland to make a serious case for being in just about any person’s gaming library.

Condensing it down to its core this is a game where you’ll meander through spaces collecting batteries and shapes to unlock new areas for meandering through more. If that doesn’t sound terribly exciting it really isn’t. It has much more in common with an adventure than a racing or action game, you just happen to be controlling a car. I use the word “controlling” loosely though since despite the rate of movement being pretty limited your car turns like a bit like a school bus. Throw in very oddly low gravity which makes you float as you fall and it just feels very odd.

Despite the controls being strange and not very responsive as long as you pace yourself and try to account for them they don’t sink the game. The real issue is simply that it’s dull. You’ll drive somewhere to get a shape, a new area will reveal itself, you’ll try to remember where you saw that before and drive there, lather, rinse, and repeat. There’s an attempt at an odd story of this land you’re trying to restore and how you got involved but it, too, is just not terribly interesting. Given the pacing perhaps it would work out for a more casual audience since it isn’t very demanding but as a package Car Quest is a bit of a clunker.

Score: 5

  • For people who expect little entertainment or fulfilling gameplay it’s something to play through
  • It looks reasonably good in a stylized way

  • For choosing to use a car as the main character you’d have expected the driving controls to be tighter, it feels like you’re driving a brick when you turn
  • The pacing is so slow it’s difficult to remain engaged in any of it
  • Though not buggy, it feels almost more like an alpha than a finished game since it lacks refinement and polish