Saturday, October 27

Review: Pinstripe [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Maybe it’s just me being a parent of 2 daughters but Pinstripe quickly got my attention. In the game you’ll play the part of Ted, a lapsed minister, whose daughter Bo has been abducted by a seriously creepy character named Pinstripe. In order to save her he’ll have to journey through some strange areas full of puzzles and often even stranger characters. Did I tell you that he will have the help of his dog, George, who talks? Buckle up, it’s a strange journey!

There’s no doubt that a huge part of the game’s draw is its aesthetics, which have a gloominess to them and an edge of creepiness thrown in for good measure. You’ll need to keep your eye out at every step for small hints in the environment for what you’ll need to do, armed mostly with just your slingshot, to trigger or set things into motion and get through a variety of puzzles. These challenges can be quite diverse and are creative, a credit to smart design.

The one thing to keep in mind is that though it does a very good job of entertaining and challenging its runtime is a bit on the short side. Your degree of backtracking and wasted time in that span is thankfully pretty minimal though so it is at least not generally wasted. An added “plus” option unlocks a few new elements you can discover on a secondary run, though this is more of a “nice to have” than something completely different.

If you’re a fan of Burton-esque stylings and weird characters Pinstripe gladly offers those up over its runtime. It’s story is appropriately a bit on the dark side as well, and the characters you interact with along the way help provide the glue that helps make it all feel worthwhile. Paired with a smart mix of platforming and puzzle-solving it is a terrific bite that you could probably finish in a long afternoon or a few sittings.

Score: 7.5

  • A terrific visual sense of style
  • Some clever puzzles
  • A supporting cast of creepy and unusual characters, generally all voice acted very well

  • No doubt a bit on the short side
  • Pretty limited reason to revisit it once you’ve completed the game
  • Fans looking for a bit of action won’t find too much here