Thursday, October 18

Review: Pizza Titan Ultra [Nintendo Switch eShop]

When I first heard of Pizza Titan Ultra it was hard not to be instantly intrigued. Stomping through cities in a 10-story tall mech that delivers pizzas? What’s not to like? Once I was able to sample the gameplay for a bit things overall got even better as its missions ended up reminding me both of Crazy Taxi to some extent as well as, at times, Blast Corps as there are cases where wrecking everything is your goal. Though there’s not quite as much variety and new elements introduced as you progress as I would have preferred it does deliver consistent silly fun for less than calling out for delivery.

You’re introduced to your eclectic team as a rookie pilot looking to make an impression. After a pretty brief, but effective, tutorial you’re then off on missions, typically looking to try to complete deliveries as quickly as you can while trying not to demolish the whole city in the process. As you progress through the game’s 32 missions in 8 different cities you’ll run into all sorts of parody characters in need of sustenance, though the further you get into the game they’ll typically be asking you to complete some added objectives before you bust your robot fist through their wall to make their delivery.

In addition to the missions, which are a bit more structured, you’ll also have the opportunity to hit each city in more of an arcade mode where you’re trying to collect as much money as you can while fighting the clock. You’ll want to collect all 5 of the hidden ingredients, be sure to satisfy random people looking for pizza in a quick mini game, and keep moving to make as many deliveries as possible but you will face some opposition. Your nemesis throughout is an evil rival corporation with a suspiciously familiar pizza-making rodent in charge and a ton of armament. Starting out with just some ground troops and tanks when you begin to need to take out their much larger bots you’re going to want something more to combat them with than just your punches and stomps.

The garage is where you’ll go to spend your hard-earned cash to pimp out your mech and give it a signature look drawn from many obvious pop culture inspirations. As you make your purchases here you’ll also unlock new ultra abilities that include a chest laser and shield that both can really come in handy when you’re faced with tougher foes. Since you can only choose one at a time you’ll need to take your goals and challenges in any given situation into account and try to pick the one that’ll help you out the most. Your initial dash remains useful in some situations but if you’re facing more serious opposition the laser or shield may be necessary.

Aside from the fact that the game never really rises to a higher level in some way in general it delivers a consistently fun time. While the control tends towards being sluggish the fact that you’re trying to control a 10-story tall robot at least helps this make sense and to a degree you can “feel” the weight of it as you move around. About the only other concern is that the camera isn’t always your friend and can get obstructed in places, though typically this is only a temporary problem and not often that frustrating. If you’re looking for some silly fun, stomping around as a giant robot and wrecking your enemies while looking pretty cool, Pizza Titan Ultra delivers.

Score: 8

  • Controlling a giant mech and stomping around is undeniably fun
  • The delivery element, with shades of Crazy Taxi, can be a fun challenge
  • All sorts of pop culture references and parody characters add to the entertainment value

  • While it is good for simple arcade fun it never really takes the gameplay far past where you start from
  • The risk/reward mechanic from Crazy Taxi where you could pick up close or farther fares for added bonuses could have added more variety and choice to the mix
  • At times the camera can get obstructed, sometimes making fulfilling objectives tougher