Tuesday, October 30

Review: SkyScrappers [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Creating games around a central hook can be a tricky business, though with multiplayers games it can work out for the best if you’re lucky and connect with people. If you make everything too difficult you lose the pick-up-and-play aspect of things that makes it an accessible experience for anyone/everyone. Make it too simple and you risk the gameplay feeling more like an extended mini game than something you’d want to stick with for a while. SkyScrappers is a bit stuck in this trap, and attempts to compensate with a sense of Street Fighter II-like style in its presentation, but simply doesn’t have much meat on its bones.

You’ll start with your choice of 4 combatants, 2 make and 2 female, that have a somewhat stylish and yet generic look to them. Once you’ve made your choice the gameplay itself is pretty straightforward, your goal is to either outlast your opponents while making your way up a building or get to the top first. Strategy can vary from avoiding your opponents and trying to focus on jumping onto falling pieces of debris to ascend more quickly than they do or getting aggressive and doing some rudimentary fighting. Reaching the bottom of the screen or being struck will slowly whittle their health bar to nothing, and looking for opportunities while they’re on the ropes can leave an opening for finishing them off. The special meter, which can be used either on a big jump or attack, can also play a role in things and turn the tide if you use it wisely.

The thing is, other than changing up the scenery and playing with between 2 and 4 players there’s not much more to talk about. Exclusive to the Switch version of the game you do have the ability to play in vertical mode, which I suppose is novel, but even in single-player I found the scale of things a bit too small and I can’t imagine more than one person trying to play this way. Neat, but I’m not sure it’s practical. Overall, while there’s nothing outright awful about SkyScrappers there’s just not very much compelling about it either. If you have some friends available and are looking for something anyone could pick up perhaps it will be a reasonable choice but otherwise there are simply too many solid action games on Switch for this to make a major impression.

Score: 5

  • Clean presentation
  • Has a Street Fighter II-style sense of flair
  • Relatively easy for anyone to understand and start playing

  • The gameplay is ultimately too simple and limited for its own good
  • While vertical mode is novel I wouldn’t consider it practical
  • Feels more like a mini game that would be included in a larger package than a stand-alone experience