Sunday, October 7

Review: TrouserHeart [Nintendo Switch eShop]

To have a diverse eShop with something for everyone you need to have games of all types and that satisfy all skill levels. While we’ve seen quite a number of brawler-type action games none of them has quite been as uncomplicated as TrouserHeart. While it errs a bit too far on the side of simple in a runthrough on Casual a tougher mode as well as a permadeath setting raise the stakes if you’re down for a challenge.

Pretty much everything in the game is easy to understand. You’re a king who has lost his trousers and you’re out on a mission to get them back from whoever (or is it whatever) that may have taken them. In terms of the action it’s very straightforward, you’ll just be looking to slash at everything to make it die and go away. You’re able to dodge out of the way, and once you upgrade your shield you’ll get a built-in chance to block but the focus is on simple fun. Enemies and the environments you’re in will become more challenging as you progress through multiple themed zones but this isn’t rocket science, it’s just a slash-a-thon the whole way with some fun enemy and boss designs acting as highlights.

One nice feature as you go along is the option to grind areas for some extra gold, which you can use to upgrade yourself to improve your offense, defense, health, and even ability to make more money. If you’re feeling good and a bit impatient you can choose to soldier on through but if you want to get fully upgraded you’ll have the option to do so. Ultimately proves to be satisfying as something to turn off your brain and kick back with for a while as a change of pace but if you’re hoping for something a bit more deep you’ll likely be disappointed.

Score: 6.5

  • Can be fun for a few hours or more depending on whether you choose to take on added challenges like rolling through in Permadeath mode
  • Each of the game’s 10 bosses are distinct, though in general I found certain groupings of enemies and environmental hazards to be more lethal
  • Great light and uncomplicated fun if that’s what you’re looking for

  • There’s little nuance or subtlety. You can move and slash and that’s about everything you need to know
  • If you’re set on just blowing through on Casual mode you’ll finish it in a few hours
  • There are much more complex and satisfying titles in this genre already on the system