Thursday, November 29

Review: I Am The Hero [Nintendo Switch eShop]

In a brutal week full of games to review, and not as many bright spots as I would have liked, I’ll admit when I first booted up I Am The Hero I wasn’t feeling much excitement. Sort of coming out of nowhere while it looked like it could be interesting in screen shots I didn’t have much faith. While it isn’t the end-all-be-all of side-scrolling brawlers though it really hooked me in pretty quickly. I’m happy to say that yet again an unheralded indie title has come to Switch and especially for genre fans it is absolutely worth a look.

The first thing that helps I Am The Hero be successful is that its moveset is surprisingly complex and varied, allowing you to experiment and find what works for you. Whether you’re going for a dash, a combo you start by jumping in, or even managing to juggle an enemy into the air and then knock them back down to the ground there’s plenty to work with here. Considering the variety of enemies to contend with you’ll need to work out which methods are best for each of them.

The next thing I really like, even though I don’t know that any of the alternatives are better than your starting hero, is that an option as you finish each level is to be able to enlist the aid of one of your enemies. Each of them has their own feel and style and this further encourages experimentation as you play, switching between both characters and trying to figure out how best to use their pretty different attacks to your advantage. Of course you can just opt for new special attacks, which can also be fun, but I really enjoyed exploring each new character’s moves and seeing how I could use them effectively.

While the experience will likely only last you a few hours I think the style of the game and the options to enlist enemy grunts or new powers after each level (but not both) help make a case for its replayability. While some of the enemy types can be a bit more frustrating (looking at you, weird rappers with your words that attack) and the bosses can be a challenge for the most part because of the depth of the moves you have available to you it feels really good to play… and can be even more with a friend BTW. Even with as many great brawlers as there have been on the system this year it seems there’s room for yet another that’s notable and has a style (both in terms of visuals and gameplay) of its own.

Score: 8

  • Has a great and unique look
  • The combo system and your options for combat give you an abundance of options
  • Choosing between a new attack or to enlist the aid of an enemy after each level helps the game to continue to move forward while also providing an incentive to play through more than once

  • A few enemies have interrupt attacks that can be annoying and break up your flow
  • Some jitters and performance problems came up once in a while, but it wasn’t too bad
  • One enemy character specifically is a bit of a stereotype and may offend some people