Wednesday, November 28

Review: R-Type Dimensions EX [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There’s a whole slew of “vintage gamers” out there who either grew up in the arcades or have at least gotten a taste of some of the classics as they’ve been released on various platforms over time. One classic arcade shooter series that seems to bring a smile to many faces is R-Type, an admittedly tough-ass shooter but one that had some style, cool power-ups, and though frustrating just kept you coming back for more.

With R-Type Dimensions EX fans of the series should be pretty well ecstatic, because both the original R-Type and its sequel have been brought over with an abundance of options to help you enjoy the game however you like. Want to play it old school in its original aspect ratio in 2D with limited lives so you can crash and burn? Knock yourself out. Want to jazz things up with it in an enhanced 3D mode in widescreen and unlimited lives with a friend? You can roll that way too.

Everything you remember, and things you likely don’t unless you invested some serious coin on extra lives, is here. Some great power-ups, challenging bosses, multiple flavors of chaos across its many levels… for arcade shooting fans this should practically be nirvana. Of course, the less connection you have to the title the more interest may drop off. It’s certainly a bit of an acquired taste and given it was intended to get you to pump quarters into it this isn’t a game that was remotely meant to be beaten on a single quarter, or perhaps even many dollars of quarters.

I really appreciate the love and effort into bringing the R-Type experience to the Switch. While playing it old school has a nostalgic appeal seeing it all gussied up in 3D is a blast. I’d say it’s worth experimenting with the various looks they offer as not all of them may be great or practical, but they can be novel. In particular the 3D Crazy Camera looks really cool, just since it affects your depth perception a bit I don’t know if it’s practical in some sections. All said though it offers up many ways to experience the same terrific core game and fans of classic arcade shooting action should have a great time with it, and quickly become reacquainted with how tough it can be.

Score: 8

  • Both the original R-Type and its sequel in all of their glory
  • Playable with a variety of looks and feels

  • Its somewhat brutal arcade challenge is a reminder of a different mindset
  • People lacking a connection to the original titles may not enjoy its unique feel