Sunday, November 11

Review: Roarr! Jurassic Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

OK, when I was a kid I was plain obsessed with dinosaurs. I think of the pictures taken of me from the ages of 5 to 7 at least half of them were of me in my favorite dinosaur shirt. I can only imagine the day I finally completely outgrew it was a devastating one. If you’d told that 5-year-old me I could play a game where I could control a TRex and fight against monsters while destroying some towns in the process I’d have been all about it. Unfortunately, if the game were Roarr I think even that younger version of me would have been a bit frustrated or bored within an hour or so.

Yes, in this game you’ll take control of a TRex, and you’ll even have some silly options for how it is dressed… I preferred the dino skeleton look myself. Mastery of the controls doesn’t take too long since there’s not too much to know. You can slash, attack with your head, jump, roll, and build up your gauge for a devastating roar… and with some experimentation combining these controls you can get some varied attacks. Enemies will appear in waves and you’ll need to work on some combinations of tactics to deal with them, dodging their attacks and then taking them out. A great tactic is to build up your gauge, draw them in, and then take them all out at once. The boss fights take a while to get to but ramp up the challenge quite a bit as they’ve got more varied attacks and a boatload of health to burn through.

The real issue here is just there isn’t very much to sink your teeth into past the initial novelty of it all. Enemies simply aren’t that interesting, most fighting is a bit button mashy, and while the camera is mostly tolerable when fighting against monsters that die quickly in the more extended boss fights it’s almost like a third opponent as you try to keep everything together. If you’ve got a dinosaur-obsessed younger gamer they may enjoy simply stomping around and knocking things out for a while but even though the theme is fun the lack of variety and overall funkiness of the total package bring on an extinction of interest pretty quickly.

Score: 5

  • Stomp some monster butt TRex style
  • Silly fun if you just like wrecking some things
  • A variety of outfits at least attempt to make it fun

  • In general it gets repetitive quickly
  • The levels are a bit too long, easy, and drag out before the boss fight suddenly ups the challenge
  • The camera can be even more deadly than your opponents or a killer asteroid