Friday, November 2

Review: Swap This! [Nintendo Switch eShop]

As I’ve said before, a great feature of a healthy gaming library is that titles of all types can co-exist without people needing to bemoan the existence of games they don’t personally enjoy. On the WiiU there’s no doubt it was tough, and for every casual title that would come along people would (I suppose somewhat rightfully) wonder where all of the “good” games were. Now, with the Switch serving up a steady 10+ titles a week we’ve got an abundance of riches so casual titles being part of the mix is no big deal. In the case of Swap This we have such a title, and while it won’t likely appeal to a wide audience for fans of a twist on Match-3 style play it does a nice job of keeping you challenged.

With its very colorful and cheery presentation through and through it’s certainly pretty relaxing to play, assuming matching groups of same-colored fish doesn’t stress you out in principle alone. The rules, on a general level, are pretty simple. Match up 4 or more fish of the same color, give them a few moments, and they’ll pop off the screen. If you’re able to clear out an entire row or column they’ll then take everything else on the smaller side of the line with them, giving you big bonuses as well.

You’ll have 4 modes to choose from, including the quick hit Minute Match, the slightly longer Wave Mode where you’ll quickly try to clear as many boards as you can, Fish Fight where you’ll try to keep a big fish at bay as long as you can, and a Puzzle Mode for good measure. As you play you’ll slowly unlock new and more effective power-ups that will then show up periodically to throw some unpredictability into the mix. While it is playable using a controller in docked mode, in terms of speed and ease touchscreen will be your best bet to get the highest scores possible.

At the end of the day if you’re lacking in funds and are looking for a solid matching game that has some variations and works as a nice distraction in bursts Swap This is a fine choice. While its degree of complexity isn’t terribly high depending on your skill level or mood you may find its more relaxed play more satisfying. The good news is that even if it doesn’t work out it’s as cheap as buying a soda at the convenience store so it’s no big deal.

Score: 7

  • Colorful and cheerful
  • 4 variations in play to choose from
  • A very low price

  • Not much more than a solid casual matching game
  • The budget casual space has multiple options that are comparable