Saturday, November 24

Review: Word Sudoku by POWGI [Nintendo Switch eShop]

When it comes to more casual puzzling for the most part Switch has had good coverage but the one thing it hasn’t had to this point has been a Sudoku game. That changes with the release of Word Sudoku by POWGI, and for the most part it’s what you’d expect from such an experience. Yes, you can play Sudoku but for every puzzle you’ll have a 5 letter word and will be using letters rather than numbers to fill in the puzzle.

Thankfully there’s an option to change things up to just using the good old numbers and I found that this was my preference. Honestly the numbers are much easier for tracking what you have and haven’t used so while the words are novel I switched over pretty quickly. Puzzles are graded from beginner all the way up through tougher fare, though spread across 240 puzzles if you’re a Sudoku fan it may feel like you’ll chew through what’s offered pretty quickly. While it is playable in docked mode with the controller the touchscreen controls are going to generally be quicker.

While it works and is the only game in town of its type in the eShop I still would consider the Sudoku included with Brain Age back on the DS to be my personal gold standard in terms of functionality and feel. Additionally while 240 puzzles is certainly a fair amounts of puzzles again for real Sudoku fans that may not amount to much if the simpler challenge levels aren’t very rewarding. It’s a solid Sudoku experience but it’s all relatively simple as well.

Score: 6.5

  • You can choose to work with either letters, which are novel, or numbers
  • Works reasonably well

  • In terms of the overall presentation and experience I’ve played better
  • While 240 puzzles can seem like a lot for Sudoku pros it may feel like a limited package