Saturday, November 24

Review: YouTubers Life - OMG Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The Sims was really an odd experiment of a game that turned into something big. The notion that you could enjoy playing a game that was essentially simulating everyday life was an odd one, and yet an entire sub-genre was spawned from it with a variety of focuses and styles. YouTubers Life is a conversion of a mobile game that it hardly a full-blown Sims experience but instead focuses on specific aspects of play, in this case revolving around the creation of a social media empire and some of the trials people would face as they try to build it.

Starting out you’ll get to customize your YouTuber and choose a focus for your channel. While the options of music, cooking, or gaming represent pretty different paths the overall flow and format of the game is same for each. Working from a humble start out of your bedroom in your parents’ house you’ll initially need to try to balance studying for school (your mom will get very upset if your grades slip), doing odd jobs to get money, socializing with friends periodically, and developing a following as you work your craft. Networking with other YouTubers plays a greater role as you progress and you’ll want to be sure to follow through when you take requests to do side work if you want to continue to strengthen your relationships since that will then open new opportunities for more content for your channel.

Your equipment isn’t the greatest so your early videos won’t have much room for diversity but by changing things up and editing your clips together correctly you’ll be able to set a foundation and get some viewers. As you level up you’ll have options on which types of videos you want to specialize in and will also gain more options for your content, allowing you to gain even greater attention. As you become more successful and get more cashflow you’ll have an option to move into new digs which will provide new opportunities but will also add income demands you’ll have to be mindful of as you’ll need to pay rent and buy your own food. Trying to do this too early can be a bit of a disaster as when you burn the candle at both ends trying to make money, create content, and keep up socially it can get overwhelming so it’s best to pace yourself.

While YouTubers Life is certainly a novel experience and there are aspects of it I can appreciate somewhat personally given what I do it’s also not a terribly deep experience either. While it has some fun aspects like creating your videos this really just gets to be a grind after a while as your focus is far more on maximizing your numbers and not too much about creativity. While you have the ability to change your character’s clothes and surroundings to a degree that can also be expensive and it competes with putting money into new equipment so it really takes a back burner, though the game tries to incentivize you buying new fashions to unlock some content. While there’s certainly nothing like it on the Switch and it can be fun in some regards the simple and grindy roots of the experience coming from the mobile space aren’t hard to spot. But if you’ve ever wanted a sort of window into the world of building a social media empire perhaps you’ll find it of interest.

Score: 6.5

  • Pursue a successful career as a budding chef, musician, or gamer
  • Managing your various responsibilities can be challenging at times
  • Character customization isn’t terribly extensive but can be fun

  • While there are three vocational paths to choose mechanically they’re the same so replay value may not be as high as you could assume
  • The grinding is real
  • While it has some underpinnings that borrow from The Sims there’s surprisingly little room for creativity here