Saturday, December 8

Review: Demetrios - The Big Cynical Adventure [Nintendo Switch eShop]

With the classic point-and-click-style adventure genre absolutely booming on the Switch you really need to do something unusual to stand out. Certainly in that specific regard Demetrios has carved out a spot for itself, sporting a hand-drawn art style, some unusual characters and situations, and a brand of humor that can stray towards the gross-out variety. While for the most part the ups and downs of its experience are typical for the genre it’s likely that your core enjoyment or distaste for it will be driven by that unique sense of humor.

You’ll play through the adventure as Bjorn, a somewhat unusual slacker who deals in antiques and leads a bachelor’s lifestyle. Through a stroke of luck he apparently managed to acquire an unusual-looking piece that included a stone tablet of some value. After being assaulted while returning home one night in a stupor he discovers it is missing and sets out on a mission to find it, after some prodding accompanied by his neighbor Sandra and her daughter Caroline. From there you’ll be on a tour of multiple locales in search of answers and cookies that are hidden everywhere and that come in handy when you find yourself a bit lost.

While the typical genre trappings are all here: searching for objects, talking to people, and solving puzzles using your inventory items in sometimes unusual and unexpected ways, it’s consistently the game’s humor that strays from the norm. Whether in the form of Bjorn’s simple comments on items he encounters, the dialogue he gets into with others, or some of the things you can do to kill (you’ll come right back to where you left off, why not find out what happens?) or entertain yourself this really is what makes or breaks the game. Can it venture into the more juvenile, sure, but there’s no doubt an audience that get a kick out of it. Aside from that it’s a mostly generic experience but I’ll give it credit for choosing a lane and sticking with it, providing something a little different in the process.

Score: 6

  • Some nice hand-drawn art if you don’t mind the style
  • Loads of odd dialogue and objects you’ll encounter along the way
  • Some unexpected distractions like mini games peppered about

  • The game’s humor is both its selling point and possibly what will drive people away
  • Suffers from some of the same odd ways to solve problems that the genre struggles with in general
  • Aside from its humor nothing about it is terribly memorable