Sunday, December 16

Review: Hunter's Legacy - Purrfect Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

It seems like everyone out there is trying to make something that can be called a Metroidvania these days. Thankfully, though there are many Switch titles that could share that distinction in naming they typically play out quite differently. The newest title to add to that group is Hunter’s Legacy, a game that has a classic side-scrolling slasher style of play with a variety of lethal arrows thrown in for variety. Though its challenging play and stronger moments may have their appeal there’s also a fair amount of somewhat generic play that keeps it from standing out from the pack.

You’ll be playing through this adventure as Ikki, a wannabe feline huntress hoping to fulfill her destiny and save her kingdom… you know the drill. Along the way she’ll need to slowly acquire new weapons and skills, try to collect as much loot and gems that will allow her to upgrade herself and her arsenal, and do a whole lot of platforming. While the puzzles don’t tend to typically get very elaborate a knack for seeing how to get to out of the way places, or at least memorizing where they are until you get the proper gear to get to them, plays an important role in things. The more you find, the more you upgrade, and the more formidable you can become, and that will be pretty important as the game wears on and you begin taking on some tough boss fights.

Aside from the action there’s quite a bit of platforming to do, especially if you want to get at some out of reach treasure chests that are peppered just about everywhere. The mini map does a good job of making it easy to spot the chests, you’ll just then need to take a look at the situation to figure out how to get to them. It isn’t unusual in the early going to find you lack what you need to get there but since you’ll need to backtrack in general along your journey you’ll likely be able to stop by again when you do. Some spots further in where you’ll need to blend platforming with trying to slash or shoot your way through troubles can get a bit confounding and picky with execution but that seems to be by design as this journey isn’t generally an easy one as it wears on.

In general Hunter’s Legacy plays reasonably well, and may have an appeal for people who like things getting tough as it wears on, but it also suffers from being a bit too generic. Among more innovative titles that keep the hits coming on a consistent basis there’s quite a bit of excitement “dead time” along the way in Legacy where you’re going through the motions. Early on you do gain upgrades for your bow and arrows that help you get to new areas but there’s nothing quite as radical added to your arsenal as you see in other titles either, making even upgrades a bit less exciting than usual. If you’re down for challenging play and are willing to wait it out a bit to get to that point Hunter’s Legacy gets more exciting, it’s just a bit of a slog up until that point.

Score: 7

  • Has a distinctive look
  • Mechanically plays well
  • Once it gets up to full steam it throws you some tough challenges

  • Especially early on there’s just not a lot of excitement
  • Among other titles in the genre on Switch the fun factor is lacking
  • Your weapon and ability upgrades aren’t as satisfying as in a typical Metroidvania