Monday, December 24

Review: Pipe Push Paradise [Nintendo Switch eShop]

One of the more interesting things about indie games is you can run into titles that could scare people a bit visually but that have something interesting to offer once you give them a chance. Pipe Push Paradise falls squarely into that category, sporting an art style I’d consider a bit minimalist and odd, but that does do a good job of conveying what’s going on nonetheless. As you may have guessed from the title, your goal will be to push some pipes around to complete a puzzle… the trick is that very quickly this gets to be quite challenging.

Probably just about everyone has played the puzzle games where you’ll need to rotate or even move segments around in order to complete a circuit. This takes that concept and turns the simple into something far more challenging in a hurry. Yes, you will move some pipes around normally and will need to focus on not getting a pipe stuck against a wall where you can’t move it away… that you may have done. The wrinkle you likely haven’t encountered, and what makes some of these puzzles truly next level challenging, is that when you push pipes with a curve on them in the right spot they’ll flip up vertically and then flop over facing the opposite direction.

If you can’t visualize in your head how this greatly complicates things, take my word for it, this leads to some seriously brain bending stuff in places, especially when you then need to start working a bit 3 dimensionally. Throw in special tiles on the ground and even some magnetic pipes and the challenge continues to push you harder and harder to figure things out. While eventually you may get stuck on a specific puzzle blocking your progress in general terms there are tiers or puzzles that you’ll gain access to all at once so initially if you’re getting aggravated by one puzzle you’ll be able to hop to a different one for a change of pace.

Overall, if you’re a huge fan of challenging yourself with difficult puzzles this game will serve you quite well. It may have somewhat humble looks but there’s no questioning that it delivers some fresh challenges you likely haven’t encountered before. In some ways I wish it would have introduced some more introductory levels to pad out its total that is just shy of 50 levels to make the transitions into tougher concepts a bit more gradual but I suppose it’s better to have plenty of tough stuff rather than it feeling like you blew through it all in an hour or two as happens with some puzzle titles. If you’re up to the challenge get ready to think!

Score: 7.5

  • Some absolutely brutal puzzles for you to take on
  • Smart puzzle design, the flipping of the pipes makes sense and immediately opens the door to new challenges

  • While visually everything makes sense and works it isn’t the prettiest game
  • There aren’t too many freebies here before it gets into tougher challenges