Saturday, January 26

Review: Fishing Universe Simulator [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There are just sometimes reviews where I’m just not quite sure what to say, or where to begin. It doesn’t happen often but in the case of Fishing Universe Simulator I’m really at a loss. I can only assume this is a port from the mobile space given its somewhat painful overall simplicity and lack of anything compelling that captures the fishing experience.

What’s somewhat odd to me is that there’s obviously some ambition at play here. You can travel to different locations, there’s a load of different types of gear to choose from, and there are quite a number of types of fish you’ll (eventually) be able to catch. I can’t necessarily fault those areas, there’s obviously been an effort to create the potential for diverse play.

The problem is that in terms of the action, the fishing itself, it’s just so unexciting and generally pointless. In some regards perhaps it may do too good a job of capturing the fishing experience, that in principle it’s a bit repetitive and the majority of the time it’s not necessarily thrilling. Just everything here is so bland. Cast, wait a little while, get a nibble, pull up, reel in, fish is caught. Change gear to better attract another type of fish. Cast, wait, nibble, pull, reel, caught.

In the end, for all of the bells and whistles the game may have in terms of lines, lures, and equipment the action of the fishing itself generally feels no more compelling or exciting than it does in fishing mini games. In some regards those mini games may even be a bit more complex than this. It just feels like a collection of things that scream potential that are then let down by what should be the most critical part, making the actual fishing experience fun and compelling.

Score: 4

  • A ton of different gear you’ll eventually be able to buy
  • Multiple locations you’ll be able to eventually get to

  • The fishing itself is too dull, basic, and repetitive
  • With the exception of people determined to see everything most people will give up out of boredom long before trying it all out