Saturday, January 26

Review: Heroes Trials [Nintendo Switch eShop]

When you’re talking about budget titles on the Switch I often find myself torn on my approach. Putting up a game made by a limited team that is priced in the impulse buy range against titles with more substantial budgets and asking significantly more can be a bit unfair but at the same time there’s a need for some standard and consistency in scoring. As many indies on Switch have proven, budget doesn’t have to mean bad. It’s when I hit a title like Heroes Trials that it gets tougher though, and it isn’t so much for the lackluster looks and overall structure, it’s just that the gameplay simply isn’t all that interesting or fun.

Working from the baseline in the game you’ll be on a quest where you’ll be able to move between controlling either the Warrior brother Zoel or his spellcasting sister Elia. In order to earn the honor of becoming their community’s new guardians they must prove themselves in a series of trials, working against the clock to complete objectives by solving some puzzles and taking out some enemies along the way. As you go you’ll acquire a few enhancements, though nothing terribly exciting or game-changing, mostly just a little different.

The big issue holding the game back is simply that it’s uninspired from top to bottom. Even games made on the cheap can sometimes have an interesting hook or a new take on things that help carry the day but Heroes Trials is just content for you to work through and is for the most part joyless. The combat is extremely bland, the puzzles aren’t inspired, and the segmented and generally dull objectives you need to meet just aren’t interesting. If you’re looking for a way to kill time for a few hours, have a limited budget, and don’t have very high standards perhaps you can eke out some enjoyment but in general the trial here is in the playing unfortunately.

Score: 5

  • It has a budget price
  • There’s a fair amount of content to play through

  • Combat is stilted and dull
  • Generally unremarkable and bland in pretty well all areas