Monday, January 28

Review: My Memory of Us [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Given the abundance of puzzle-filled adventure titles of all sorts on the Switch eShop (a fair number of them being pretty good) it can take some effort to stand out. My Memory of Us takes on this task by having a great and distinctive visual style, mostly in black and white and set in the past against the backdrop of a robot-dominated version of World War II. Oh, and as icing on the cake when you first hear the voice of the narrator you’ll likely ask: “Is that Patrick Stewart?” Why yes, it certainly is.

Opening with a short sequence with a young girl who is looking for something special to occupy herself with, she stumbles onto an old book that stands out from the rest and takes it to the bookkeeper. Inspired in part by the girl and then by pictures he finds inside he decides to share a story about his past and a girl who helped save his life back in those times. Played out through a series of puzzles that are solved in some creative ways, you’ll need to alternate between the boy and the girl to use each of their strengths to succeed.

In this version of the past the Nazi regime is replaced by a Robot King who is set upon conquering what very much seems to be a European city. Working to avoid capture or even death the boy and girls’ skills aren’t very extensive but the puzzles are generally well-designed to make them work in a variety of scenarios. He’s adept at sneaking around and nabbing objects, she’s able to run and make use of a slingshot. For the most part by merely being observant or working through some trial and error you’ll be able to find a solution but, as always, there may be some snags where you may need the help of the intarwebs if you end up going down the wrong mental path and get stuck.

Overall, this is yet another great visually-impressive puzzle adventure to add to the Switch library. The art and the narration of Stewart peppered throughout are absolutely the highlight, but there’s also an abundance of small and quirky details in the kids interactions with others that amused me as well. Despite the dire circumstances they found themselves in, their teamwork and determination saved the day and created a meaningful bond between them. If you’re looking for a new adventure that will challenge your mind and leave a lasting impression with its story, this will be a terrific fit.

Score: 8

  • A fabulous hand-drawn art style set in black and white with well-used highlights in red
  • Narration by Patrick Stewart helps convey the emotion throughout the journey
  • Some inventive puzzles throughout

  • Inevitably a puzzle or two may stump you, consistent with the genre
  • There are some sequences that move to a more action-oriented feel and in those situations the controls are a little too muddy for the task
  • A few special puzzle interfaces may not be immediately intuitive for everyone