Wednesday, February 20

Review: Guess the Word [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Reviewing games that are intended for children can be tricky, as obviously when you’re playing them as an adult they’re not meant for you. Educational games then present an additional layer of challenge as their intent and focus is on entertainment second. However, as a parent who has two grown children I believe I’m able to take an objective look at these sorts of games and provide fair criticism.

Guess The Word is a relatively basic affair, where you’ll see a small collection of letters from a word and then a picture that will be slowly revealed from top to bottom representing that word. So, for instance, you’d have the letters to horse spread out across the bottom of the screen, 5 slots where you’d be able to place the letters in the proper order, and a simple drawing of a horse that will slowly reveal itself above.

Playing exclusively in handheld mode and with touch controls the goal is to move each letter into the right spot to reveal the word and its picture to then move on to the next one. Even children with pretty weak fine motor skills should be able to easily move the letters into place, and if anything it may be too easy, as the pieces tend to suck themselves into the right spot if you simply hover over the space, even if you don’t slow down and seem to have that space in mind.

That pretty well covers the extent of the game. To its credit it certainly may be helpful for developing some recognition and simple vocabulary skills. However, at the same time I question the longevity it will likely have as these sorts of games are pretty commonly available and some can even be played for free online. I suppose for its very humble price it isn’t asking more than it offers but just be mindful that this is a very bare bones package.

Score: 6.5


  • Easy touchscreen controls
  • Tries to reward good answers and success as you go


  • Letters slide into place a bit too easily and could potentially remove kids needing to be sure where they go in the word, dumbing it down a bit too much
  • This sort of game is widely available, in some cases for free