Wednesday, February 20

Review: Pet Care [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Reviewing games that are intended for children can be tricky, as obviously when you’re playing them as an adult they’re not meant for you. Educational games then present an additional layer of challenge as their intent and focus is on entertainment second. However, as a parent who has two grown children I believe I’m able to take an objective look at these sorts of games and provide fair criticism.

Pet Care is a very basic game that challenges your child to pair an animal with the proper sort of food it would eat. Shown a cow you’d want them to identify what it likes among 3 different choices, dragging the proper food to its mouth so it can eat it. For the most part that’s all there is to this, though to its credit as it repeats animals there will be alternative versions of many foods to ensure kids understand conceptually what they’re picking up as food, not just what it may look like.

Played exclusively with the touchscreen the controls are simple and the pretty large pieces of food are easy to drag into place. If you happen to touch one of the wrong food types the game will make a weird sort of sound indicating you’ve made an incorrect choice and you won’t be able to make the animal try to eat it. Maybe it’s just me, but an opportunity for some humor missed, though I suppose that would encourage the wrong behavior.

Overall, this is a budget title with a laser focus. It doesn’t take very long at all before it begins repeating itself so understand there’s simply not much content here. I suppose conceptually it’s a bit more novel as an educational game, as I don’t recall seeing an abundance of examples of this idea everywhere. So I suppose it at least has that on its side, at least if you’re concerned with your kids knowing what various animals like to eat.

Score: 5.5


  • Easy touchscreen controls
  • As animals repeat it can change up the form of the food they’ll eat to help keep it from becoming redundant as quickly
  • Rewards correct answers and success as you go


  • As things to be sure your kids know this may be more of a niche concern than other areas
  • Overall there just aren’t that many animals represented here, meaning it will begin repeating itself very quickly