Tuesday, February 26

Review: RemiLore [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The Switch’s library is practically bursting with variety and pretty fair representation in most genres. One of these, a favorite of mine, is the classic brawler or slasher style, where you’ll work your way through waves of enemies kicking ass and having some fun along the way. Of course, one of the things that makes releasing titles on the Switch is also that the size of the library invites comparisons, and in the case of RemiLore, despite its cute anime main character with a penchant for sweets, the experience comes up a bit lacking.

In the game you’ll play as Remi who, through a strange accident involving a talking book named Lore, is transported to the world of Ragnoah-an, which is overrun by mechanical monsters. In order to make her way back home she’ll need to work with Lore to overcome these enemies, arming herself with roughly whatever she can find. Whether that’s an oversized needle, hockey stick, or an array of other weapons both sensible and nonsensical you’ll need to work with what you’re given to slash and bash your way through enemies, periodically enlisting help from Lore in the form of a variety of flashy spells.

All of that said, outside of its cutesy and unusual presentation, this game boils down to being a relatively bare bones slasher where you’re going to generally face a lot of repetition in the end. Played from an isometric perspective, you’ll need to concern yourself with enemies coming from all directions, focusing on chaining together attacks while carefully making use of your dash to avoid attacks whenever possible. Weapons have aesthetic variety but aside from falling into different classes like swords versus hammers mechanically they really all feel the same. What will drive your selection, more often than not, will be the stats oriented with how much damage they do or perhaps which magic spells are associated with them if you come to have a preference. In general, I didn’t find that any particular spell seemed more useful than others and I heavily preferred the quicker swords to the painfully slow hammers.

While the game gets points for presentation and style in terms of raw gameplay it very quickly falls into repetition and struggling to be exciting. The periodic silliness of the dialogue and interaction between Remi and Lore may entertain some, and perhaps the limited story may be of interest, but if you’re playing to bash some heads it sadly falls flat. Billed as a roguelike you’re able to invest in improving skills incrementally or improve your odds of getting a better weapon but even before powering yourself up the overall game isn’t terribly hard and getting through its four acts is more an act of perseverance than skill. Once you beat the game some weird variants become available as well but nothing quite escapes the pull of the core gameplay not being terribly interesting or fun. Anime fans may get a kick of our Remi’s adventure and interactions with Lore but if you’re just interested in great slashing gameplay there are better options in the eShop.

Score: 6

  • It absolutely looks great
  • Initially the odd variety of weapons you’ll use can at least be amusing
  • Anime fans may enjoy the antics between the two main characters

  • In terms of gameplay excitement there’s not much meat on these bones
  • Though there are visually many types of weapons they largely play the same aside from between different classes
  • Roguelike progression is there but just makes the game a bit easier even though the base game itself isn’t terribly challenging overall