Sunday, April 7

Review: Godly Corp [Nintendo Switch eShop]

The strange and silly physics game, as a genre, is here to stay. In sort of an illogical way the general idea behind them is to encumber you with unusual controls to then get you to complete tasks in a way that’s unusual… and the goal is then for hilarity to ensue. Sometimes this works, often it really doesn’t, though if you’re a streamer there’s an audience that seems to enjoy watching people struggle and complain. The problem for Godly Corp is that it really feels like it aimed low on all counts, delivering an experience that’s not just aggravating but also terribly mundane.

You play the game as a be-tentacled intern at the title Godly Corp, tasked with taking different shifts where you’ll have to focus on multiple tasks at once while then struggling with the controls. Weirdly while the controls aren’t terrible refined their rough control isn’t bad, just mainly slow and requiring you to move between your analog sticks and D-Pad to keep up.

It’s the D-Pad controls combined with the visuals that are really the killer here. You’ll use them to rotate a representation of a planet and that ties to your primary task. The rotation is aggravatingly weird and imprecise but the biggest issue is that especially when it’s represented more as a hologram you’ll struggle to determine depth to understand where anything is in relation to where you’re trying to point them.

Perhaps if you’re really into this sub-genre and didn’t find the likes of Surgeon Simulator grating you could enjoy this. As wonky as the controls for that were at least it felt like what you were doing was remotely interesting though. Godly Corp manages to pair janky controls with tasks nobody would want to do for long in the first place, making it a somewhat baffling experience that’s simply not very entertaining on any level.

Score: 3.5

  • If you’re really into simple and mundane tasks this could be for you
  • As controls for this type of game go I’ve played worse

  • The inability to tell how your planet is rotated in some situations is infuriating
  • Overall the experience amounts to boring multi-tasking mini-games with awful controls… making it a total misfire