Monday, April 29

Review: Overcooked 2 - Campfire Cool Off DLC [Nintendo Switch eShop]

If you’ve continued to periodically check in and keep playing Overcooked 2 you’ve no doubt seen the consistent flow of additional free DLC to his point. This time around (and with a Season Pass there will soon be two additional packs as well) the theme is centered around firing up some grills and cooking in the great outdoors. Whether it’s tasty s’mores, some beans, a little bit of breakfast, or some new variations on old classics there’s a whole lot of campfire cuisine to explore over the expansion’s 15 total new levels.

The thing is, some new chefs and recipes really wouldn’t be enough to set the pack apart, so the bit change this time around is the addition of backpacks. With the introduction of these you’ll have an additional layer of coordination concern to think about as your normally statically placed supply bins will be replaced with a backpack that’s moving around with someone else while they try to complete their tasks. As if things weren’t tough enough with some tricky layouts which will require plenty of communication and teamwork these backpacks can get you in trouble even quicker if you’re not thinking and working on strategies to best deal with them.

With this first paid DLC delivering not just some new recipes and aesthetics, but instead even adding a new dimension to the core gameplay, I’m eager to see what will happen with the next two. As if the core game experience wasn’t hectic and crazy enough smart new mechanics to shake things up are welcome, and since I didn’t see the backpack coming I’m hoping they have some additional clever ideas in store. If you and your family or friends have been looking for a great excuse to return to the hectic Overcooked 2 kitchen this is a great reason to do so for a modest price.

Score: 8.5

  • Some tricky new stages with new recipe challenges and layouts to contend with
  • The backpack is a real game changer and requires new coordination considerations

  • There are a few levels that get really tough, but that’s not to say they’re unfair
  • I’d say overall the focus here is on multiplayer, going it solo really robs you of some of the fun